Monday, December 19, 2005

Remodel Hell - To Rain or Not to Rain

I called the Carpet Lady this afternoon after checking with Ernie. She said, "Carpet's still on for tomorrow! Unless it rains..."

Rains? It's been raining for three days, on and off. Rain interferes with carpet laying? "Well, sure," said Mary. "You gotta cut it." I don't know what that means -- I mean, can't you cut it while you're laying it in two huge rooms? But these are the carpet Gods, and you don't mess with them. "Well, I guess we'll find out tomorrow," I said meekly, as I hung up.

Ernie was trying to get the guys to rush the finishing touches on the inside. "They just installed the last light," he remarked, which I figure must be the closet. "And they're working on the baseboard. So they should be finished today."

What about the fence? "Right, we will tackle that tomorrow, if that's okay with you. I figured the important thing was to get out of the house before the carpet shows up!" Indeed.

He also advised me to go through the house after everybody has left, make notes of what isn't done to my satisfaction, and let him know about it. Now's the last part before the very end.

"Oh, and I'll let you know about the shower door as soon I hear something." Oh, yes, probably the last piece to be installed.

Pray for no rain.

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