Thursday, December 15, 2005

Remodel Hell - The Light Fixture Shuffle

Glenn showed up early per usual, accompanied about an hour later by his new helper. Today the theme is "The Fast and the Furious."

Today they worked on:
Patching the holes in the den wall.
Grouting the new tile in the old bathroom.
Painting the walls around the skylight in the old bathroom.
Putting in the new light in the office.
Putting in the complete sink.
Painting and hanging the three new doors (bathroom, closet, bedroom).

Also, the subcontractor came to install the shower wall made of faux marble. He asked me where I wanted the soap dish (which also holds a shampoo bottle, a really big size), and told me he thought it would be better off down at the end, away from the shower spigot. I agreed. He then cut a hole in the wall to accommodate the soap dish. And he was done within the hour.

Now, for the shower part, we're waiting on the doors to be cut, delivered, installed. Ernie said he'd tell me today when that will be. We're hoping for next week rather than the end of the month.

Glenn told me that tomorrow, they'll tackle a lot of the finish stuff. He then said, "Where's the light for the closet?" What light? Oh, my God. Here we go again.

So I went to the light fixture pile that has to go back to Costco for a refund, grabbed the smaller one and said, "Will this do?" He said, "Perfect!" He then told me how he will put up the shelves in the closet, in accordance with what I told him I wanted, which was a rod for hanging clothes, but mostly shelves for shirts.

And the plumber is due back tomorrow to hook up the shower and sink in the new bathroom. I'm not sure, but I believe the electrician will be making another trip in, too.

They're busy right now, doing the small, detailed stuff, cleaning up the marks on the white paint job, cleaning up. Soon, soon, I tell myself as I comb my hair in the reflection in the microwave. Soon, no more sleepless nights.

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Ruth said...

This blog ought to be required reading for anyone considering a "small" remodel.

Looking forward to reading about the celebration when it is all done!