Monday, December 19, 2005

Remodel Hell: The Last Day Which Isn't the Last Day

I got back from my weekend trip to L.A., hoping everything would be done. It wasn't.

However, we're almost there. In my little self-guided tour on Sunday night, I discovered a toilet!! I have always thought to myself, I'll believe I have a new bathroom if there's a toilet in place. It looks great, and my greatest fear on the installation was, is it too big? Will the door clear the toilet bowl? Will the shower door, yet to be installed, clear the bowl? The bowl does clear the door, but the answer to the latter question is....I don't know yet. I think so. The markings on the floor are covered up by the linoleum.

The shower head is also installed -- notice how large it is! I thought I would try this, as the shower stall itself is rather large. And the shower control is in, which looks gorgeous! I wonder if the water works? I got some spurts of air pockets when I turned on water in the rest of the house (meaning, the plumber had been fooling with the water control since I left), but I don't dare try the shower, as there's no shower door, and I'm aware I shouldn't play until I talk to Glenn.

It's 9 am on Monday morning, and Glenn is hard at work -- alone, I think -- sawing away. I don't want to interrupt him while he's into heavy construction mode. I'm assuming he's building and installing shelves for the closet. When I looked last night, only a few shelves had been put in. There will be shelves on all three sides, with a bar for hanging clothes in the middle, straight in the back, when all is done with the closet. The light has not been installed in the closet.

There is still a lot to do, but all of it is small. After the shelves, the baseboards have to be put in. Some touch-ups. Some clean-up. That's about it. Oh, yes -- and I wonder if they're going to do something about the gate on the side of the house. The plan was to pour concrete for a new post and cut some off the gate itself, in order to increase access to the new electrical panel on the outside. Ernie may be thinking that they will leave that for the end. You know, get all the construction done on the inside so that carpet can be laid.

Carpet. Tomorrow. Gotta be ready for that!

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