Thursday, December 08, 2005

Remodel Hell - A Light at the End of this Tunnel?

Ernie handed me the latest weekly bill yesterday, and I realized with a gulp that I had just gone over $30,000 on this project.

But it appears that we're nearing the end. When the bathroom has a toilet in it I will know this for sure, but this afternoon Glenn came over, stuck his head into my office and said, "Have you picked out your office light yet?" Uh we go again.

Glenn figures that the reduced middle room is going to be my office rather than the large bedroom-sized room I'm using now. He's probably right.

He then gave me a tour and gave me a rough guideline as to what will happen over the next few working days. Only one day is left in this week, and they'll finish applying the texture on all the walls. Then they'll start painting all the walls, including those in the closet, and they'll probably be finished with this phase on Monday. Tuesday, he believes the bathroom flooring will go in.

Decisions, decisions. Ernie asked me earlier by cell phone what I wanted my shower door to look like. "Do you want the railing at the top?" I asked for that in English. It seems I can get a shower door that doesn't fit into a track, and without that horrible looking rail at the top. Yes!! Glenn explained to me later that since my shower is an unusual shape -- the width and almost the length of a bathtub -- my door would have to be custom-made anyway. I'm eager to see what it will actually look like.

By the way, if you want a phone call -- you know, if you feel lonely one day and want to talk to people -- get into your car and start driving. I seem to get all kinds of calls as soon as start driving. I don't know what it is about the timing of that.

So I have to pick out a ceiling light within the next few days. Another light went on within my brain: I asked him if I could just put a light in my bedroom without the fan going back up. That fan is a horrible dark pink color, was installed, most likely, in the '70's, and is too big for the room. (Besides, I have an air conditioner in that room.) He said, sure. Too bad I didn't request a recessed light for that room; the two lights in the new hallway are recessed, are 6 inches, and throw a lot of light into that hallway! Okay, so I have two overhead lights to buy.

And then Glenn announced that the whole project will probably be finished by next Friday!!

Of course, I doubt that's true. The carpet is a different project tacked on top of the remodel. That won't be done. But we're so close! And then I'll have to move furniture. And write one or two more large checks. But then, I'll actually be able to live in my own newly renovated house. Woo-hoo!

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