Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Remodel Hell - Carpet, Carpet Everywhere

The Carpet Guy Cometh!

As Glenn and his compadres were finishing up, sawing off doors, etc., the carpet guy rolled up, right at 10 a.m. The rain hasn't shown up yet, but as he said, "I can smell it in the air."

Larry the Carpet Guy planted the roll of carpet in the doorway, in the only six-foot area I had left that wasn't going to be carpeted today. Today we're carpeting the construction zone; tomorrow, we're doing the living room.

He went through the rooms, tearing up the old, compressed padding with his machine, all the while Glenn and crew were finishing up and stashing detached doors in various niches.

We discovered three different hardwood floors underneath. The middle room, or office, is a beautiful red wood! Quite amazing. (I'm still having it carpeted, as I don't like the feel of hardwood floors on my bare feet.) After working for almost two hours, the carpet guy announced, "I didn't bring the tools to patch up problems, so I'm going back to the office. I'll be back in half an hour." He showed me where some pieces were missing from the floor in the bedroom.

So, here I am, kind of trapped in my office as I type this.
I can't go into the kitchen or the living room because of the big roll of carpet, brought inside to escape the rain, and his tools on the other side. So I can't wrap up those two eBay items I have to mail out. And I'm sorta worried about lunch as well, leftovers that are sitting in the 'fridge waiting for me. Well, they'll wait for half an hour more.

What do we have left? More carpet tomorrow. Three doors are unhinged and will have to be re-hung. One of the door's knobs will not lock (the new, lockable door onto the bedroom). The light in the bedroom is hooked up to the new electrical line, and that won't be hooked/charged up until the PG&E guy comes out. I noticed that the construction crew left the French door blinds off the doors when they trimmed them.

Larry had to leave early today, didn't finish up the middle room/office or hallway. He had an Astronomy final exam to take at Chabot. And he left the remaining carpet rolls in the living room, blocking the furniture that had to be moved into the newly carpeted bedroom. So, to help out, he and I moved the mattress, box springs and bed frame into the bedroom. That gave us room in the living room to move the carpet around as we needed.

And, sure enough, A & J showed up on schedule and moved the furniture into the bedroom in no time. I slept for the first time for two months in my newly carpeted bedroom, and liberally used the new bathroom.

Of course, there are two doors propped up in the bathroom, blocking the sink. There's no electricity in the bedroom. But I slept well.

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