Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Remodel Hell - Not Finished and No Carpet in Sight

My day outside began with having to move the garbage and recycle bins after two trucks and a car blocked them from the street. The workers were here: The last-minute race was on.

It's 9:30 am right now. No sign of carpet. And rain is looming, due to arrive (according to the KRON4 news station) within the hour. I almost wished I hadn't even tried to book the carpet today. Too much of a rush yesterday and today.

Jamie came over last night, and we went through the construction area with pen and paper, jotting down problems that would have to be addressed later. I have at least 20 items. One of them is that the middle room/office is not painted and shows it, and the walls seem worse for wear after all the heavy equipment was stored in there. There is no time to request paint and re-texturing now.

Most of the Martinez Construction guys have left, but one remains (Glenn, of course) to finish up. No one talks to me. They're just in a hurry to finish up, knowing, I imagine, that they'll be back next week to correct what was left undone.

Is the bloom off the remodel rose? No. Last night as I was waiting for Jamie to show up, I christened the new toilet. What a thrill!! Until I realized that it was so new I hadn't put toilet paper in...

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