Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just Call Me Kitty

There's a big debate over what to name Aaron's new kitty. As if we actually had a voice. "We" in this case means all of his friends, drinking buddies, relatives, friends' relatives, distant cousins, etc. Aaron is waiting for Cheryl to get back so that THEY can name the new kitty. Da noiv.

So far, though, we have an interesting array of candidates for the name:

Lil Terror

Some of the spontaneous combustive names occur when The Kitty is keeping Aaron awake. The current routine is to play with him for a couple of hours right before midnight, when both fall asleep from exhaustion at 2 am. But kittens, it seems, recover quickly from exhaustion, at least a lot faster than men.

This kind of kitten is called a Bengal, and is rather rare. See photos at

The usual stripes along its side can be quite unusual. This kitten, however, is a reject: Its stripes blend in with a black background. There's no worth in the breeding market.

But there's plenty of worth in keeping the guy you imprinted upon awake at night. Go kitty!

I will post a photo when I can get one. So far, all I have is a vague amorphous shape on my cell phone.

*My personal favorite.

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