Sunday, January 28, 2007

File This Under "O"

A marvelous thing happened to me this week: my house is becoming Organized.

With the help of many (Val for ordering shelves for me, Jamie for putting them up and bolting them to the wall), there are now mahogany shelves in the den -- and they're gorgeous!!!

It took James about five hours to put them up. That's including the lunch. Problem after problem occurred (including the charge going out of the very powerful portable drill), but he found a way around each one.

And then, at 8 pm tonight, I put my DVDs up on the shelves. Tomorrow, when I have time, I will put the books up. And then the fun begins when I can put up the collectibles!

I am fully aware that some collectibles will display easily while others may need containers of their own. I can't wait, however, to place my two Sideshow busts from Lord of the Rings on the top shelves!! Or, actually, the Ringwraith horse is a bust, but the Aragorn is a fully clothed figure.

This may encourage me to get more collectibles!....

Or not. I think having too many in the first place got me into this mess...

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