Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Remodel Hell - Week 3

The workers-who-do-not-carpool did not descend upon the house yesterday. They took a day off in the rain. Well, Ernie didn't take a day off -- he had to spend half a day at the City of Oakland. He had already spent several hours seeking a permit for the new electrical work, but their online system was down for three days over the holiday weekend, extending into the Monday after. Ernie told me, "Actually, I think they're all at a holiday party..."

Speaking of electricians, I was thankful that he spent Thanksgiving weekend working all alone in my house, putting in a whole new line and new box. I was gone the entire time, at our Thanksgiving in Santa Cruz. What I am not thankful for, however, are the huge holes he created in two walls in my den. (There are FOUR new holes -- the photo only shows two.) My den was one of the few rooms I had left in the house, that wasn't supposed to be touched by construction. Ernie came in later to look for the new box (it was outside, added to the wall on the southern side), and told me his workers would pave over those new holes.

So, what's new? Glenn and his helper put in insulation last week. But they couldn't close any walls because of the impending inspection. A new bathroom window was put in, however -- this is the window that was supposed to be larger, supposed to be double-paned.
However, when they got ready to carve the hole, Martinez workers discovered that two-by-fours were in the way, and to create the larger hole would change the facade of that side of the house. And they don't make a double-paned window this new size. So, I decided the smaller size was "cute," and the new bathroom window is in.

Still no shower stall or fixtures, of course. We're beginning the start of Week 4 today, and things will really fly, I think, once the electrical and construction is approved by the inspector today.

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