Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Remodel Hell - Brrrrrrr

We got the word today that the City of Oakland "lost" our request for the inspector, so we're at the end of the queue, which means Friday -- two days from today.

That means that walls that are exposed will stay exposed, as they've been for about a week now. Martinez workers can't close them up until the inspector takes a look and approves of the work.

And that also means that it's cold. I don't see any sense turning on the heat for half a house. The vents to the heating system will still heat up the other half that's under construction, at least for those vents still hooked up. Plus, because of the lack of insulation, the heat just climbs up, and keeps on climbing, past the walls, past the roof.

So, I keep the heat on 61 degrees at night, and completely off when the workers have the house open. I have a small space heater in my office, which is where I spend most of my time during the day when the pounding is going on around me.

In the meantime, Glenn and his helper are working on putting what siding they've got on the outside of the new walk-in closet. They also have a few other things they can work on while we wait for Friday, like putting on the door that previously didn't fit, adding insulation.

It's cool in here. Winter's here, I can tell. It's going to rain again tonight. Just one more edge to Remodel Hell.

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