Monday, May 14, 2007

Tie a Pink Ribbon 'round the Old Oak Tree

I asked Jim to do me a favor this week: Teach me how to tie a Windsor knot.

Actually, in the beginning, I asked him to tie this gorgeous silk tie into a knot for me, and I'll adjust it on Sunday when I put it over my head. He refused. Who is he, Hugh Hefner?? He said he didn't want the tie to crease while it waited in my closet, a week away from the wedding. Yeah, yeah.

But we practiced this afternoon. I can't quite remember the sequence. As I told him that for the third time, he suggested I go watch the tie-tying video on the Men's Wearhouse web site.

I don't have an old tie lying about, so we gingerly used our new pink ties to practice. When I tried mine on and tied a sloppy Windsor, I thought to myself, that new tie goes really well with this gray A's polo shirt.

Who knew I'd ever have to learn to do this? So, just add this stressor to the many others we're doing this week, the week of The Wedding. (Oops, I almost typed Weeding. That's pretty funny.)

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