Saturday, May 19, 2007

Our Color Scheme: Green & Gold?

She must've been in her eighties. Her white hair was piled majestically atop her head, and I had the feeling that even a five force hurricane wouldn't have budged it. She smiled at me.

Don't you just love these A's luncheons? she asked me, rhetorically, because she was about to answer her own question. Everybody's always smiling, she added.

After a few minutes of watching me, she pointed to my phone. You sure are spending a lot of time on your phone, she said.

Yeah, I answered. You know, the wedding's in two days.

I had just gotten a phone call from Mehdi, the proprietor of Z Cafe, the place we're going to for the reception. He wanted to know what our color scheme was, so he could use it on the menu. This was a quick answer, and if you've been following this blog at all, you know what the answer was.

Six people were flying in, and a few had called me already. I couldn't answer all my calls at the luncheon because Marty Lurie was busy explaining to us how the A's should get their wins now rather than wait until September.

I had spent an hour that morning with my practice tie, trying to tie the Windsor knot. Whoever Windsor was, I'd like to strangle the English bugger. I decided that his brother, Half Windsor, was much easier to wrangle, but I hadn't even mastered that when I had to go to the luncheon.

With all the running around over the next two days, I don't know when I'll get back to those very helpful online videos of how to tie a tie. Well, very helpful except for the fact that it's like looking in a mirror.

I am so glad Maryann is coming over Sunday morning to help me and get us to the synagogue on time. And, if all else fails, I won't wear the tie. We'll see how it goes!

We had a simcha at services last night after dinner with friends. It was wonderful. More wonderfulness today with the barbecue, courtesy of Chef Jamie.

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