Friday, February 10, 2006

Remodel Hell - The Fence

I booked a job with Honey Do to install a new redwood fence, add some insulation to my roof (a whole lotta insulation, as it turns out), and spray the roof over my den with a reflective material.

The new fence was needed because (1) I need a new fence, and (2) the situation is a little desperate since the gardener/landscaper Alberto tore the top off the front of the fence and then decided he couldn't finish the job at the price we had agreed upon. So the fence was collapsing.

After talking with the good neighbor, the one on the left north side, I proceeded with a pretty standard redwood fence. No gate, no fence on the driveway side, just like before. The object isn't to keep dogs in or people completely out. It's to discourage those walking by from straying onto the grass or dropping trash, and to give the illusion of privacy. It's about four feet high, just like before. But I never have to paint this one.

After a delay of about a month, Honey Do finally got their crew out to my residence....but they were short one guy. So the job has gone four days instead of the promised three. And it had to happen while I was at jury duty. But I left the hidden key behind so they could access the house for the last bit of insulation.

These pictures were taken yesterday morning before I left for the Hayward Courthouse. By the time I returned at 5 pm, the fence was finished. Nice job! Insulation continues today.

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