Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Remodel Hell - The Shower Door Lock-Out

It's time for an update.

Ernie came over last week, and together we wrote up a 2-page "punch" list, those items that haven't been done yet or haven't been done to my satisfaction. There's a lot.

He thought that everything had been done except for (1) the installation of the shower door in the new bathroom, and (2) the attachment of the new electrical line by PG&E and his electrician (to give me power in my master bedroom). When he saw the doors off the hinges, the unfinished paint job, etc., he knew better.

The crew came out during the one day it didn't rain last week and poured concrete for the new position of the side gate (to accommodate the new electricial box on the side of the house). Then, yesterday, the crew came out again to finish the gate and start work on the punch list on the inside.

And -- AND!! -- the installation of the new glass shower door was due that day. I was very excited about that.

Except that I got a voicemail several hours later that Glenn had locked the crew out by closing the locked door when they exited during lunch, just when the shower door installer guy was pulling up....

You can imagine the rest. No shower door installed. We were put at the bottom of their list -- actually, Ernie pleaded with them and we moved up a few days. Next Monday. Another week of waiting.

And Glenn and crew couldn't continue work. They also ran out of white paint, and apparently ran out of money to buy more.

This is beginning to look like a circus, except that I have full faith that things will continue and everything will work out.

It just takes time, as it's officially 8 weeks since we started in a project that was estimated to take 5 weeks. And a great deal of patience.

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