Monday, January 09, 2006

Remodel Hell - The Last Day?

Is this truly the last day for Martinez Construction? For remodel Hell?

I woke up at 6 this morning, wondering about a million things, but the focus was on the remodel. Ernie is sending Jose over to work the punch list, and is assuming this will be the last day. In fact, he doesn't expect it to take all day.

And at 3 pm today, give or take an hour, the shower door installer is supposed to show up (for the second time). I may actually be able to take a shower in my new beautiful shower tonight! I'll have to clean up the space, of course. There's still a large piece of cardboard lying on the shower pan because I know there will be more footprints on it before all is done.

Even after today, though, I still won't have power in my bedroom. I'm writing this by the hall light. PG&E won't get to me until after their emergencies are done, and, after 4 weeks of waiting, they're not telling us when that might be.

Is this the last day? I don't believe it. But if the shower door gets put in, I'll be happy!

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