Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's Almost Baseball Time!!!

My Oakland A's tickets arrived the other day!! Woo hoo!!

Of course, they're for the wrong row in the right section, but I can take of that. (I prefer seats under the overhang so that the hot sun of the summer doesn't make me miserable.) So Row 5 is a better view of the field than Row 30, but....well....I'm miserable in the heat.

But do you remember the movie Fever Pitch, where Jimmy Fallon gets his season tickets in the mail and jumps up and down? That was the only believable part of the film!

And tonight I went to Harry's Hofbrau to pick up the Spring Training package for me, prepared by Candi. Candi is super. I got tickets for Phoenix Municipal for three games, and a room at the Embassy Suites on 44th Street in Phoenix for 4 nights in mid-March. Candi came up to me, put her arm around me, and spoke in hushed tones as she told me about the seats she'd gotten me: all box seats. Whoooa.

I have supplemented my tickets with a ticket at Maryvale Stadium to see the Brewers play on Thursday, and a ticket at Scottsdale Stadium at 1 pm to see the Giants on Friday (followed by a package ticket when the A's play an unusual night game at 7 pm). Two games in one day on Friday!!! Yeah!!

I am beginning to soak up all things A's baseball, and, yes, a lot about the Giants, too. Lots of press coverage during spring training, Marty Lurie's show on Thursdays (and rebroadcast in a webcast), all in preparation for when the games begin in Phoenix on March 1st.

I'm getting ready. Beginning to wear my A's stuff. People on the street nod at each other when they see another A's fan. Yep. We're all in this together, and....we're starting soon!!!

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