Monday, October 10, 2005

If the Niners would only ask ME...

This is a sucky season for the San Francisco 49ers.

It was a sucky season last year. They only managed to win 2 games. That's pretty sucky. So, you would have expected the owners to go out and buy some talent, right?

Well, one talent. They took high draft pick Alex Smith as quarterback. Two games later, he's the starting quarterback. Poor guy was in his first game yesterday. He didn't spend much of the game upright, but instead, got to know intimately the grass at Candlestick Park. The Colts did their job on defense, penetrating the Niner offensive line again and again. The Niners couldn't even score a touchdown.

But the good part was the defense didn't give up. The Colts only (!) scored 28 points, final score 28-3. I find that encouraging, as this is a team that may go all the way.

So, what should the 49ers do?

Number One. They should read more blogs. That way, they'd read mine and know what to do.

Number Two. Put Mr. Smith back on the sidelines keeping stats. Buy a veteran quarterback. Someone who's been around, who knows the playbook. Joe Montana. Oh, wait, he's too old, too injured, and is writing books these days. Vinnie Testaverde. Nope, somebody else took him last week. But you get the idea. Somebody a little too old, a little too tried (make that "tired") and true. Somebody relatively cheap.

Number Three. And you might want to put this up to Number One: GET SOME OFFENSIVE LINEMEN! That means, ha! Loosening the purse strings a little.

That's all. That will ensure the Niners win more games this year than last. Not sure about this year if they don't make the changes. Oh, and we forgot one...

Number Four. Put the Oakland Raiders in the Niners' division. Then, if they beat them, who cares how many games they win?

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