Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Last Day of the Season

I had a class tonight, so I DVR'd the A's game. It proved to be the last day of their season.

No criticism here. They played their hearts out. Half their team is rookies, most of the other half consists of players within the first three years of MLB experience. There's no depth on a team with one-third the salary budget of the Boston Red Sox. You think it's a miracle when they're in the running at the end. In truth, they were the best team in baseball for two months down the stretch.

But I mourn. I do this every year. It should be easier. It isn't. As I hug my dogs, I watch the last out with a kind of peace. What a thrill to watch this young team this year. What a wonderful year it was. It just ended six games too soon.

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