Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Fan of the Game

While Rick and I were sitting there in our seats,
right before the A's game started, an A's official
came and asked us if we had our tickets. We thought
it was just the ticket police, as usual. But then he
told me that I had been selected as the Oakland A's fan of the

"You think it's random, but it isn't. We select the
person by seat number, then we tell everyone to act crazy in the
bottom of the 3rd inning. You wave your hat around,
then we pick you." I didn't have an A's hat on
(spring training one instead), so he gave me one. He
added, "Don't go anywhere in the bottom of the 3rd!"
He also told me to go to Member Services after the 3rd
inning to claim my prizes.

So, true enough, cameras showed up, and the announcer
told everyone to go crazy. I waved my A's hat, and
Stompy (that fuzzy elephant mascot) picked ME. He
shook my hand and then kissed me on the top of the
head, all in plain view of 15,000 fans on Diamond

When I claimed my prize right after that, I had won
(1) a Rich Harden signed baseball! (2) A t-shirt
advertising their event, Play with the Pros;(3) A
chance to play with the pros (I filled out a card);
(4) a coupon for a 12-pack of Pepsi (I gave this to

Rick told everyone in the section that we've been
coming to A's games for 15 years, and this is the
first time we've won anything.

The icing on this green-and-gold cake came the next day when I went to the post office. The teller, who has served me for several years when I mail out my eBay stuff, said, "Linda, was that you on Diamond Vision last night?"

Indeed it was. I tell you, you have definitely reached your 15 seconds of fame when the United States Post Office recognizes you.

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